Living with Covid

The health, safety, and wellbeing of our residents, outreach clients and staff is always our top priority and we continue to do all we can to keep those who are most vulnerable safe whilst the Coronavirus pandemic remains.

This page details the latest guidance from Percy House about the protocols that are in place. This information is intended for Percy House residents, outreach clients, staff and any visitors to our home.

Our visiting is in line with Government guidance, which we lay out in detail below.

(For comprehensive information about the coronavirus itself, please visit Public Health England)

Our visiting guidelines for Percy House from 3rd May 2022

We are delighted that the Government has announced its next steps on ‘living with Covid’ and we are writing to clarify what this means for you and our staff as of 3rd May:

  • Visitors to our homes will no longer need to take an LFD test before visiting but must continue to wear a face mask provided by the service
  • We will no longer ask you to book a visit so you can now visit freely as appropriate
  • Our staff will continue to test twice weekly when prevalence of COVID-19 is high, but not as a matter of course, and this will be the same for any relatives or friends who are providing personal care
  • The prevalence of COVID-19 will be determined by the Government and is currently determined to be high and therefore our staff must test twice weekly
  • Residents and patients will be tested if they display symptoms of COVID-19 but will not be regularly tested otherwise
  • In a local outbreak only one visitor will be permitted to visit, and this person can be interchangeable providing they take an LFD test and wear PPE
  • You can now spend time on your visit in communal areas more freely
  • Residents will have much more freedom to go out and will no longer need to isolate on return from a high-risk area or have to test upon return to the care home
  • If a resident does test positive, they will need to isolate for 10 days unless they test negative for 2 consecutive days after 5 days of isolation
  • If an outbreak occurs the service will now be closed to visiting for 10 days rather than 14 days and of course we will inform you of this as appropriate

We are delighted that we are now moving into the next phase, and whilst we are still living with COVID-19 we are able to continue to get back to a more normal way of life.  We will be supporting all of our residents and staff to take up the COVID booster vaccination, as we continue to believe that this remains the best protection for them.

Whilst we appreciate there are still protocols to follow in order to do all we can to keep residents, outreach clients and staff safe, we hope you agree that this feels like another positive step forward.