Aims & Objectives

To create a homely, happy and caring environment where self-dignity and privacy are respected.


For each person to be treated as an individual.


To ensure the home and independent properties will be clean, well maintained and furnished to provide a bright, cheerful and comfortable atmosphere.

To have freedom of choice.

For clients to keep their independence, and staff to respect this.

To seek the maximum development of each individual within their potential.

To encourage client involvement in the running of the home.

To ensure that the wishes and needs of clients are paramount in determining the daily routine and work of the staff.

To treat any information regarding clients as confidential.

To develop and improve skills such as washing, cooking, cleaning, shopping and budgeting where desired by the client.


To encourage cleanliness, awareness of appearance and personal hygiene whilst also accepting that individual standards differ.


To assist our clients in securing appropriate medical care and to ensure that public services provide them with the same standard supplied to others, and to counsel clients on the choice of services available to them.